About Us

In 1997, Step Furniture established itself as an iron furniture manufacturer. Success goes to its strong management team with a combined experience of over 100 years in the furniture industry.

Through its innovative years, Step Furniture has grown into a major player as a wooden furniture manufacturer since 2006 but still maintains its core metal operations. We specialise in producing and designing furniture that offers our customers the necessary edge in their market. With our passion to help our customers grow, we often experiment with different materials to differentiate our products. This in turn empowers our customers with a wide range of quality and uniquely designed furniture.

Using state of the art machinery in our 55000sqm factory, we are able to support multiple customers with different needs. Based in beranang, only an hours to an hour drive from our capital city Kuala Lumpur and other major ports, we offer convenience and dedication to each of our products our customers require.